Student Stories

Herbs are something we encounter everyday. Many of us are accustomed to herbs in our food, but they are also found in perfumes, lotions, and soaps. Furthermore, herbs are widely used for their healing or medicinal properties. Here, I've posted some of my student's experiences with different herbs.


3rd Period

Alicia R. "My uncle grows rosemary. I really don't' like the smell."

Bennett S. "I use chives on potatoes."

Bernadette Shack. "We planted a garden that parsley, basil, and rosemary. Sadly enough, the garden didn't last for long because the squirrels at this and our vegetables from the garden."

Claire R. "My mom uses rosemary, chives, and basil to cook, and my grandma uses mint to make peppermint tea."

Collin L. "When I was little, I use to smell rosemary."

Connor M. "In my backyard, I have a rosemary bush, but my dogs chewed it up."

Dorisel L.B. "Sometimes, she [my grandma] will make chicken and use rosemary to give it flavor."

Elana H. "I used to grow rosemary in my backyard."

Emily P. "I went to my friend's house for dinner. We had to pick some rosemary from her back yard."

Harrison M. "I have literally never used herbs! Ever!"

Jamie W. "Once, I grew some basil in a garden. Then, my parents cooked it in food."

Jose A. "My grandmother used a lot of basil when cooking, especially in chicken soups."

Lewis M. "We have a herb in are back yard that was said to heal people."

Michael B. "My family planted a garden last year, and yes there are herbs in it. The herb I like most is cilantro."

Michael W. "One time, I used chives an put them on potatoes."

Meghan B. "I like to touch sage because of the texture."

Meghan B. "In our backyard, we have a giant rosemary bush, and every time we clip some branches off, it smells very strongly of rosemary."

Rees W. "Rosemary is my favorite herb, and it is used a lot in cooking in my house."

Rose M. "I have cooked with basil, and so has my mom."

Rowan D. "We have used herbs as medicine, especially because my dad is a holistic doctor."

Zach. G. "My grandmother uses lots of herbs in her food."

Zana Z. "Everyday, when I ride my longboard, I brush against a row of rosemary, and I smell like rosemary for a while.

4th Period

Alexis R. "I have used herbs to cook soup with."

Alondra D. "I have never used herbs."

Anonymous "Me and my family do not use herbs on foods, but we do plant them."

Areli M. "My mom and grandma use cilantro in salsa."

Jason M. "I have used an herb to cook soup"

Javier A. "I used most of these spices for cooking."

Karla R. "My mom and sister-in-law use cilantro in enchiladas."

Meridian K. "I have used herbs in my spaghetti."

Tristine C. "My grandma grew some herbs to make it into a medicine."

6th Period

Alicia S. "My dad will make food with different types of herbs. Herbs add flavor and decoration."

Anna T. "We have parsley in our backyard and use it when we cook."

Ben S. "My aunt and uncle gave us some seeds to plan herbs for Christmas."

Caroline C. "My grandparents used to have a giant herb garden. I still remember the good home tasting vegetables, herbs, and fruits."

Chance P. "Once, I was helping my dad cook and we put oregano in the food. We grow rosemary"

Chloe R. "When I was little, we had a garden in our back yard. We grew rosemary and we used for dinner on top of chicken or to mairnate things. I've been sick, and my mom has given me things with peppermint because it helps your stomach ache.

Chris S. "My mom and dad use cilantro to make hot salsa"

Daniel O. "My aunt grew herbs and gave them to my family."

Emerald B. "Sometimes, I use herbs for food to season things. I know my grandparents grow some herbs, like oregano, basil, rosemary, and some others."

Grace J. "My mom and I always make caprese salad; this includes basil, tomato, and mozzarella cheese."

Grant H. "My dad used cilantro to add flavor to soup."

Hannah B. "He [my dad] grows different kinds of herbs, like thyme, rosemary, and oregano. My dad used to be a chef, so he knows what herb will go best with what food."

Hannah W. "I love to cook with fresh basil. When I cook, I always add a little basil"

Haven K. "My aunt and uncle grow herbs. We use them in food of all kinds."

Henry M. "My grandmother used mashed mint on wounds to sterilize and heal faster.

Ian P. "My mom used to grow rosemary to cook dinner with. She used rosemary to sooth my cut arm."

Jon M. "I have never used a herb for anything."

Kira A. "One of my favorite things is dill potatoes. Small potatoes, boiled, then sprinkled and served with dill from our garden."

Lindsey H. "We have used parsley in chicken before."

Lucas B. "My dad once grew basil, mint, and rosemary. We cooked with it a lot. Then winter came and they died."

Luis A. "I never used herbs for food, but I do see rosemary a lot; especially where my uncle lives."

Meghan G. "Once, two of my friends and we made a meal with a lot of rosemary."

Miah D. "My mom added basil to the pizza."

Nicoleta S. "At my old house, I had an herb garden and used fresh herbs in our cooking."

Raul T. "I grew an herb sometime in elementary, but I don't remember what it was called or what happened to it."

7th Period

Alex A. "I use herbs when I make hot tea."

Gabriel A. "My grandma, she has a garden with all types of them [herbs]."

Lauren T. "I made pasta, and I put a lot of herbs in it."

Maddy C. "My mom uses rosemary in her pot roast, and she grows rosemary in the front yard."

Nate N. "Spaghetti has a lot of herbs in it"

Joe R. "I have tried chives and they taste okay. I wouldn't eat it again."

Jose S. "This is my first time growing an herb."

Tony S. "I never used an herb to cook, but it was in this class where we had to smell them."

8th Period

Brianca O. "In class we got to smell different herbs types of herbs. The herbs were sage, rosemary, etc..."

Chance S. "I love the way it [oregano] tastes."

Donte W. "I got to smell the herbs in class."

Selena M. "My family uses an herb as medicine to heal a bones."