Mars Mission


Your assignment is to create a proposal for terraforming the planet mars. Terraforming is a process by which an uninhabitable planet (one that cannot support life) is altered into one that is habitable (one that is able to support life). You will use the information on this page and your knowledge of Earth's organisms to the plan. Each team will present their plan to the class. You will also construct a model that demonstrates how your team proposes to terraform mars. The class will then vote on which plan is best prepared and most feasible. The team with the highest marks will be treated to an IMAX film: Tornado AlleyTEK

7.9B identify the accommodations, considering the characteristics of our solar system that enabled manned space exploration
7.9A analyze the characteristics of objects in our solar system that allow life to exist such as the proximity of the Sun, presence of water, and composition of the atmosphere


1.You are allowed to invent one new technology in helping you to prepare your proposal; the remainder of your proposal must rely on current technology.


1. Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following information
  • Mission name and Team name
  • A brief description of the planet Mars explaining why it can not currently sustain life
  • A comparison of Mars and Earth
  • Mission Timeline: how long will your plan take, will there be only one mission or several?
  • A summary of your plans to terraform mars
  • How will you fund your mission and why should people, governments, and businesses be willing to pay for such project; what are the benefits of such a mission?

2. A model that illustrates how you will terraform Mars
  • Label the parts of the model, describing the different parts and explaining the function of different structures.

3. A team report
  • Each member of the team will record their individual contributions