The Solar System:


Our solar system contains 8 planets and many other objects that orbit the Sun. You and your partner will create 2 PowerPoint slides that include information about a planet or other object in our solar system and present it to the class.


  • 7.9A analyze the characteristics of objects in our solar system that allow life to exist such as the proximity of the Sun, presence of water, and composition of the atmosphere; and

  • 7.9B identify the accommodations, considering the characteristics of our solar system that enabled manned space exploration


  1. Click on the file and save it in the OHenry Shared Drive as "PowerPoint_Planets_Planet Name".

  2. Open the file to see what information you need to fill in the empty PowerPoint slides.

  3. Use the resources below and any text-books in class to help you find all the required information.

  4. Once your are done, ask the teacher for a USB drive; you will save your work on the USB drive.


  1. Atmosphere: the collection of gases around a planet held in place by gravity.
  2. Atmospheric Surface Pressure: the force on an area of the surface due to the weight of gas above it; Units are in either bars or atmospheres (atms).
  3. Diameter: the length of line that passes completely through a circle.
  4. Jovian Planets: also known as the gas planets; these planets contain very little rock.
  5. Probe: a scientific instrument used to collect data
  6. Revolution Period: the time it takes an object to move around another object; for example it takes 365 days for Earth to revolve around the sun.
  7. Rotation Period: the time it take an object to turn once completely; for example, it takes 24 hours for the Earth to rotate on its axis.
  8. Satellite: a scientific instrument launched into space that is used to collect data
  9. Terrestrial Planets: also known as the rocky planets; these planets are mostly made up of rock.


In addition to the online resources below, we also have a few books in class that will help.







  7. Brain Pop: Collection of Space Videos

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